New Delhi: Central government has announced a resume due to the Korota epidemic.  There will be a big increase in the salaries of the employees.  The government has given big good news to the central employees, the DA may increase to 3% from July 1, notably due to the corona virus epidemic.  With this, the government had banned more than one lakh central employees from DA on July 1.  Salary will be paid with increased DA in DA.  In addition to the All India surcharge, DRDearness Relief for employees from January to June will also be increased by at least four per cent between resume 2021, according to data from the central government's Retired Cumber Price Index.  Can happen.  It is to be noted that after the DA resume, the PF and GGU of the central employees will also change.  This will include a three per cent increase in the DA for central government employees from January to June, a three per cent increase in DA by 2020, a four per cent increase in monthly PF, a gratuity contribution from July to December, a four per cent by 2020 and a January to June 2021.  The calculation of PF and gratuity contributions includes an increase of four per cent to the original.  Only on the basis of salary plus DA.


If you accidentally make a mistake then it is definitely excusable, but it is definitely punishable to lie to hide it and make another mistake.  Forgetting is not a problem, you do not get to learn anything without forgetting.  It is a matter of concern to make a mistake many times.
  It is even more dangerous to hide the mistake.  A lie is like a cover in which the faults are covered at that time, but they are not destroyed.  Those small mistakes become the cause of big mistakes when the time comes.
  If there is a mistake, learn to accept it.  Your acceptance will make you eligible for forgiveness in the eyes of others.

         To forget is "nature",
         To accept is "culture",
        Taking improvement is "progress".

There is a new fraud going on these days.
You will get a call from a sister that Rs. 100 has been transferred to your account by mistake.  If you check, the money must have come.  He will then say send me the OTP that came to refund.
Don't fall victim to this trap.  Ask for the bank account number and branch code of the person sending the OTP.  The phone will not ring again.
If you give OTP, you will be trapped.  The girl will cry, beg.  Poor thing, everything will say.
Also, do not give OTP.
Another way is to call "My job application form has mistyped your number. This error occurred because the number was matching. Please tell me that my company may have sent you an OTP to change the number."
(This phone is so begging that it gets trapped).
Remember not to share OTP.

Let your friends and relatives know. Share this message as much as you can

Marks of Std. 6th to 8th session diagnostic test papers which started from yesterday are to be done online.  These marks are to be made online in SAT in saraldata in the same way as we do unit test marks online in saraldata.
For this, if one OMR for a student from SSA comes in one page, then the number of pages will be as many as there are students.
I have created an excel file that becomes four OMRs in one page.
This file is standard and subject wise.
This sheet is useful for every child from standard 3 to 8.
Student's name, his UID number, marks for each question of the subject and the examination given by the school or fill in the information once at home.
OMR will become automatic.  It can be printed, affixed on the answer book, scanned and marked online.
This scanning has not yet been opened and could not be tested.  Check the paper tomorrow, scan the marks and let me know if there is any problem.  I will make the necessary corrections and deliver the updated version to you again.

With this I am uploading excel files of every standard and subject here.


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