A knowledgeable app with a joke Educational mobile app This app is used by 50 million people for children


A knowledgeable app with a joke Educational mobile app This app is used by 50 million people for children



       Mango is the nectar fruit of summer.  Mango is also called the king of fruits.  As summer approaches, new varieties of mangoes are available in the market.  There are many varieties of mangoes like Hafus, Badam, Kesar, Rajapuri, Desi, Jamadar, Langado in the market.

        Many childhood memories are also associated with this carry.  Mango blooms in spring.  Mango is covered with mango.  The cuckoo's sweet chirping can be heard in Amrakunj.  It is also a privilege to hear the cuckoo speak of the arrival of spring.  Over time, the mango mangoes become smaller and smaller.  The elders used to say that mangoes should be eaten only after the mangoes are thrown into the flames of Holi.  However, we did not have the patience.  We just ate mangoes.  However, there was the sheer innocence of childhood.  Mangoes carry mangoes so our eggs grow in the field.  Taking salt, chilli and morsel powder with you.  Enjoying the taste by mixing this spice in raw mango.  Even today, the taste is just as fresh.

     Carrying mangoes by throwing stones or small sticks.  Some friends even have a goal-oriented knack like Arjun.  Don't throw a stone, just think of two or four mangoes coming down.  The dripping mangoes fall down.  Some even make Hanuman jumps and climb on the mango.  In a jotjota, this dal reaches that dal.  It was fun to enjoy Carrie in this way.  We have mostly native mango mangoes in the village.  However, the mangoes were kept where the mangoes were kept.  Otherwise, the whole village would be plowing the mangoes.  Not a single carry remains.  The mangoes used to be unloaded with a willow (a cloth bag made in front of a long bamboo pole with a wire string).

       Desi mango warehouses were also destroyed in the village.  Our house also had warehouses.  Desi mangoes were kept wrapped in sacks and baskets.  The mangoes ripen from the buffer.  This mango tasted like pills, slices.  Some of these mangoes were in high demand.  Have mangoes like sweet honey.  If we are a little late, we will not get mangoes.  Even today, when I pass by the road, I stop to look at the mango for a while.  I am watching Akitesh Mango.  Seeing the mangoes of this mango refreshes the taste of mangoes enjoyed in childhood.

"Daddy, the kittens have fallen asleep. How nice! Little ones! Daddy, Daddy, look, the kittens have woken up. How they are playing! Look at that kitten. He climbed on the bed. And that kitten is playing with a broom."  "Dad, where's Annie's mom gone? How does this cat jump so high? How does this cat get out of such a narrow space?"  - Daughters spend all day asking this cat some questions about its cubs.  In addition, sometimes photos and videos are downloaded in the mobile.  Get up and take care of these kittens.  What do chicks do?  If you don't find it, the chain won't fall.

Let them eat on time.  The boys themselves give the cats everything they eat to their kittens.  Now this cat and its cubs were known to everyone in the house.  The cat comes and sits right next to you.  Saying 'meow meow' is like saying something.  Behave as if you want to eat something.  Our chirping sounds are heard and the babies are sniffed.  Raise your ears and look at the tail wagging.  Now these kids seemed to be recognizing the sound.  The boys are happy to see all this.

The cat settled his family in a house next to the village.  Now after a very long time I had to stay in the village for a long time.  Village means proximity to nature.  Animals like dogs and cats have a right to live in the bean house.  Behaves as if they are part of our family.  Instinctively, nature gets closer to the abolitionist creatures.  Our intimacy with these creatures also automatically shines through.  As the quality of compassion develops.  Say intuitive relationships with abolitionists.  This is the benefit of living with nature.  The installation and preservation of values ​​continues to evolve instinctively.  So the boys came with bread and said, "The cat must be hungry. Let's feed it."  The cat seemed to be waiting.  Meow meow came running.

A knowledgeable app with a joke Educational mobile app This app is used by 50 million people for children

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