The joke-making comment went viral on social media about the hurricane.


The joke-making comment went viral on social media about the hurricane.



     Gradually, the summer heat has begun to take its toll on the earth.  The harsh rays of the sun god have begun to shine on the earth.  Slowly the kingdom of heat is being established.  Juicy fruits are very popular in the market on hot days.  This summer has not started with heaps of watermelon-teti in the markets.  Seeing a red watermelon makes your mouth water
     Years ago there were watermelon-teti orchards in the river bed of our village.  Earlier when rivers used to have water for many months.  At that time, crops like milk, cucumber, watermelon and melon were growing in this river bed.  Green vines are found scattered in the river bed.  As the river began to overflow, we knew that the watermelon season would soon begin.  This is our place in summer.  Let's reach the farm with paddles and spices in our pockets.  Many times we would go for a bath in the river and go straight to the farm.  A fist with my hand would tear my watermelon-teti in two.  Its sweet taste is still intact.
       Sometimes paying attention to the owner of the farm and enjoying the taste of watermelon-teti.  The watermelon-tetti ball was also brought home.  When the season was coming to an end, the owner of the farm would open the farm with a big mind.  The whole village falls into the Tabariyan river.  Muktam enjoyed this watermelon-tati feast.  Well, today it is no longer a pleasure.  Then daughter Dia tore a red slice of watermelon and said, "Leo, Dad, eat it. It's a very sweet honey-like watermelon."

     The festival of Holi-Dhuleti is nearby.  This festival is very dear to the children.  These two days the kids forget everything.  The injectors rush to paint each other with colors.  Today, however, the festival is limited to injecting colors.  The traditional celebration of Holi is a sight to behold.

        I am reminded that before the month of Holi, children start making holaiyan (horaiya).  These holiyas are made from dung, clay and dhunsa (millet-wheat bran).  Making holais of many different shapes like round, elliptical, square, circle.  Sticking these holiyas on the back coat of the house.  Drying means making a garland of holaiya parovi in ​​kathi or twine.  Boys from all over the village start making holiyas.  We were going to see each other's holas.  It counted who made how many defeats.  In a way, in terms of numbers, there would be competition to make more holais.

       On the day of Holi, the boys of the village gather at Holichakal carrying Holi.  This holiya was a separate heap.  Holi is celebrated differently.  Gheraiyas gather firewood to light Holi again in the whole village.  The whole village is full of pools, wood and umte.  People faithfully circumambulate Holimata;  Salute.  This Holi burns till late.  People used to take Holi Jor. The belief that good health can be maintained by taking this Jor. Even after reaching home, the red flames of this Holi could be seen from a distance.  The place where holiyas are made in the backyard of the house during this Holi seems to be just as beautiful today.  The chirping of childhood still resonates here today.

The joke-making comment went viral on social media about the hurricane.

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