3030 EKLAVYA Program for maths science Subject


3030 EKLAVYA Program for maths science Subject

તારીખ-10-10-2021 જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

તારીખ-3-10-2021 જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

તારીખ- 26-9-2021  જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો


લેટર પેજ-1 વાંચવા

લેટર પેજ-2 વાંચવા




Agreements are of great importance in the early stages of a relationship, whoever understands the importance of agreements, one day his life is sure to be happy and respectful ...
  The life of those who do not make agreements is spent alone and without friends .. When we do not accept our faults then no one seems to be like us because no one in the world is free from faults ... by making agreements with our own  We are never at a loss..then in the contemplation of time the truth unfolds spontaneously, then at that time our stature becomes very huge ... and we get the value of agreements many times as happiness and love  ...!

  Let’s learn to bow with our loved ones, because when we bow in front of our loved ones, their hand is on our head ... Today with our Lord, with the supernatural prayer to preserve relationships in life forever ...

️ That person may not be your enemy in the least, who reminds you of your mistakes and weaknesses again and again, but he is your enemy who keeps smiling even after seeing your steps moving in the wrong direction and does not try to stop you.

The one who opposes is not the enemy, the one who does not oppose wrongdoing is the ultimate enemy.  Today the definition of self and alien has changed a bit.  People think that loved ones and loved ones are the ones who support us in every situation.  But really true loved ones are the ones who save from unpleasant karma.

If Duryodhana had listened to uncle Vidur, then Mahabharata would not have happened.  If Ravana had listened to Vibhishana, then Lanka would not have been destroyed.  Friend is the one who corrects our mind, gives speed to life and gives love at the feet of Govind.

️ If you want to escape from the crowd of the world, do just one thing, start walking on the path of truth.  There is very little crowd here and not everyone is ready to walk this route.  Although there are many other ways to avoid vain people, but by following the truth, vain is automatically abandoned and the best is attained.
It is many times more important to walk four steps towards the goal than to walk a thousand steps in the wrong direction.  You choose the truth as soon as possible so that even the ultimate truth can choose you.

The greatest adventure is to walk on the path of truth.  Creation happens only by following the path of truth.  Only by walking on the path of truth is the welfare of the soul.  The power may not come from truth, but Satchinanand certainly does.

Important for Hindi Exam

To inform all the government employee friends of the state that every employee friend is required to pass the Hindi subject examination in order to be promoted or become permanent.
Since the examination has not been conducted by the Office of the Director of Languages ​​for a long time in the Corona epidemic, most of the employees were having difficulty in getting full pay or promotion or getting higher salary standard.  The incoming exam could not be given.

In view of the above,  Gujarat State Employees' Federation has requested the Director of Languages ​​to organize the examination immediately.  Candidates of the form will be covered in the examination.

3030 EKLAVYA Program for maths science Subject

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