Do you have gold jewelry ..? So read today's news


Do you have gold jewelry ..?  So read today's news


શુ તમારા પાસે સોનાના ઘરેણાં છે..? તો વાંચો આજના સમાચાર

️ Shri Krishna is very kind.  The living beings take refuge in him by any means, they do his welfare.  As soon as it is mixed with the Ganges, even ordinary water becomes as pure as the Ganges.  A living being is impure as long as it does not belong to Thakur ji.

The thoughts of lust, greed, anger, sinful deeds do not leave us as long as we are without God.  This is what the Lord tells Arjuna in the Gita that without My grace, without taking shelter of Me, without worshiping, no one can be free from the illusion created by Me.
️ Anyhow our mind may be engaged in Shri Krishna.  Once a relationship is formed with them, then it does not take long for welfare to happen.  Make Thakur ji something or the other.  If you cannot make friends like Arjuna, even if you make enemies like Duryodhana, your welfare is certain.

Yesterday at Gandhinagar 4200 grade pay and htat salary standard matter l.  Meeting with the Joint Secretary of the Education Department regarding the 10 different issues of F.A. as well as the Chief Officer of this Committee and presently the Deputy Secretary of the Energy Department Mr. Mission Saheb and a senior official of GPSC Mr.  Discussions were held to find a positive solution to the issue affecting 15000 teachers and 8000 htat friends of the Primary Education Committee. Two more meetings will be held next week with one education department and one joint meeting.  In addition, the teachers of the Nagar Primary Education Committee have given details on the issue affecting the teachers regarding the changed rules. It has been suggested to be included in the new resolution. The President and the General Secretary are present in this meeting.  Were living.

Mandatory entry in the meeting till 8:25 pm, then the meeting will be locked at 8:30 pm.

TheTheory paper will be published in the meeting at 8:30 pm and half an hour later it will be placed in the whatsapp group.

Paper submission time will be between 10:30 to 11:00 at night.
Paper If paper submission is done between 11:00 to 11:30 at night then 10 marks will be minus

MarksIf submission is made from 11:30 pm to 11:30 am the next day, 20 marks will be deducted.

Marks Submission from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm will be minus 40 marks.  Then the paper will not be accepted.

Students who are absent in the meeting will be considered absent in the paper and their paper will not be checked.

If the paper is written in the absence of the guardian, marks will be given after checking the paper but these marks will not be counted in the record of the institution.  Therefore, the marks of such students will not be analyzed.

Since this is a theory paper, it is allowed to use a simple calculator but not a (scientific calculator).

Write only in paper supplementary and get the guardian's signature on every page of supplementary.  Pages that do not have a parent's signature will not be counted as page marks.

Take a vertical photograph of each page of the supplementary and cross-line the blank page.

Saving this supplementary This supplementary will have to be submitted when the organization starts offline.

A guide to how to get more marks with less effort is given here which should be read carefully once.

Do you have gold jewelry ..?  So read today's news

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