GIDM Online Training Paripatr Date:- 27/09/2021


GIDM Online Training Paripatr Date:-27/09/2021


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In this Shravan Mass, Lord Shiva tries to make his life divine and divine by taking another inspiration from his life.
Every human being should try to become Trinetradhari just like Lord Shiva.  Two eyes for external creation and one eye for insight.

We will not be able to evaluate our life properly unless we have inner vision.  The inner vision is the vision of knowledge.  The inner vision is the vision of conscience.

  Look at the world with two eyes and evaluate the world with the third eye.  What is in our interest and what is in our harm?  Is it a welfare factor for us and is it bad for us?

  Enjoy the world with the outer two eyes, but learn to resist the inner third conscience eye which is unwholesome, evil, irritating and an obstacle in the upliftment of life. This is the secret of the third eye of the three-eyed Lord Shiva.


The habit of giving respect to every object or person increases your respect in the eyes of others in the society.  If you have love in your heart for the despised, the neglected and the abandoned, then surely such a generous personality becomes revered in the society.

  Just take a look at the life of Lord Shiva from this point of view.  Datura has a place here.  Place stinking items like hemp and acacia here
  So there is also the place of Calcutta poison.

  There is a place for innate poisonous creatures like snakes, not only that, there is also a place for ghosts.  Life is like this where everyone has confession.  Contempt and neglect increase distances, be it family or society.  Only by accepting do the paths of creation arise.

Learn to respect everyone.  Because no one gets respect without giving respect.  The only way to become Shiva is love from mere creatures and interest from mere creatures.


   I had to start writing.  But it was necessary to do a little study before writing.  Work started with the required book in hand.  Grab pens, notebooks and other essentials from the office bag.  But one thing was not found.  I saw puffiness in all the boxes of the bag.  But that much needed thing didn't work out.  "Maybe I forgot to come home. That's how I keep it in my bag. But maybe today I missed to remember."  - Swagat spoke to me with a sigh and despair.

    "Here ... will this catch you? If it feels right, I'll get it out of the car."  - Dr. present there.  Nishad Ojha Sir spoke giving me that thing.  My troubles and anxieties were recognized.  Thus, Nishad Sir often has to meet in educational workshops.  We exchanged laughter.  Literally very little is exchanged.  But I know the identity of his paragju nature.  I was familiar with the humanity inside him.  Her literature, her activities on social media all made an impression on my mind of her gentle, candid and paranoid personality.  Which is seen to be meaningful and realistic today.  The rain continued.  However, he immediately went to the car and brought the item.  He put his hand on my shoulder and handed it to me.  - He spoke while giving me that thing in an innocent and sincere manner.

     Then all day that thing was very useful to me in my work.  As soon as the work was done I arrived to return the item.  "Mr. Oza, you really gave me eyes today. I would have had trouble working if I hadn't got these glasses."  - Laughter playing on both our faces as we look at each other.

Man can never become valuable by collection.  Man becomes valuable in society only because of his sacrifice.  Lord Shiva is not worshiped because he has gold reserves but he is worshiped because he lives under the open sky even though he has the ability to donate golden Lanka.

  The glory of renunciation we should learn from Lord Shiva.  Even though she is the lord of mother Annapurna herself, she discharges her life not by dishes and sweets but by eating fruits, flowers and leaves.  Some people eat to live and some people eat to live.

  The renunciation of Lord Shiva gives us the message that the collection will provide you with means of happiness but will never be able to give you peace or happiness.  So to be happy in life and to be distinguished in the society, then learn food to live and not to eat.


GIDM Online Training Paripatr Date:- 27/09/2021

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