Nutrition campaign will be launched in government schools


Nutrition campaign will be launched in government schools


સરકારી સ્કૂલોમાં પોષણ અભિયાન શરુ થશે

Lord Shiva himself is revered, but he revered every one who came to his shelter.  When Shiva took shelter, the curved moon, that is, the moon which has many distortions, many defects, but they also became venerable.

The serpent which is considered to be the innate enemy of human beings.  When the same serpent takes refuge in Lord Shiva and becomes a necklace around his neck, then it also becomes venerable.  The whole world worships Shivaji as well as the serpent in the form of a serpent.

Shankar ji not only keeps his dependents as priests but also makes them revered.  Therefore, we should also help others as much as possible and give respect to others.  Life should be like this, if someone returns with you, they will return fed, happy and happy.

The real definition of love we should learn from Lord Shiva.  The people of the world also love but only the thing that is of use to them.  If anyone loves someone useless or without a reason, it is Lord Shiva.  That is why they are also called ghost feelings.

To love ghosts i.e. to love those in the society who are despised by the society or the society which considers them as neglected and hates them.

We should take inspiration from Lord Shiva, the ghost spirit, whether it is any section of the society or any person, if you can't give them much, it doesn't matter, at least give them a loving smile.  .

Don't give so much height that God
The earth seemed alien,
Don't give so much happiness,
Someone started laughing at the grief.

No need such power
Which I use on the weak,
Don't feel that way
Let me die watching someone.

Don't give me such knowledge
Pride that began to happen,
Not even giving such cleverness
People who started cheating.
God, don't give so much height
  That the earth began to look alien.


In the holy Shravan Mass of worship of Lord Shiva, ponder what is the meaning of Nandi (bull) riding Shivaji?  Bull means religion, bull is the form of religion.  Riding an ox means doing every deed according to religion.

A person who has no religion in his life remains unhappy even when he has the means and where there is sadhana in the form of religion, there is happiness and peace even in the absence of means.  Happiness is the inner state.  Practicing Dharma creates new resolutions and contentment remains within.

Mahadev is happy every moment not because he has the means but because he has the sadhana in the form of religion.  Shiva is riding on religion that is why he is Mahadev.  We have to understand that happiness will come from religion and not wealth.


One of the names of Lord Shiva is also Nilakantha.  Lord Shankar drank the poison released during Samudra Manthan for the welfare of the people.  He did not let the poison go inside him nor did he put it in his mouth, in his throat.

If there is life, then one has to face evils on foot.  In order to make life enjoyable, it is necessary that we do not keep in our mouths the things that are harmful to us and do not let them go inside us.  Digest like Shivaji.

   If the poison of heterogeneity enters you, it will burn and consume all the happiness of your life.  So don't let it stay up to the throat, don't take it to the mind.

      Who has seen tomorrow,
        Talk about today.
      Abandoning petty thoughts,
         Assimilate the truth.

    Never lose heart,
       Have unshakable faith in yourself.
       The floor itself will reach you,
       Keep something special in mind.


Nutrition campaign will be launched in government schools

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