It takes 5 minutes for 5 cuckoos to lay 5 eggs So ... 500 cuckoos lay many eggs in 500 minutes.


It takes 5 minutes for 5 cuckoos to lay 5 eggs
So ... 500 cuckoos lay many eggs in 500 minutes.


પ્રશ્ન વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

જવાબ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Shravan Mass is starting from today.  There is no other deity on this earth as merciful and compassionate as Lord Shiva.  Water, milk, cardamom, just by prostration, they are pleased and give the desired fruit.  Though they themselves live in deprivation, in fakir, but they take away the deprivation and sufferings of the devotees.
  Lord Shiva is also called Mahakala.  Also called destroyer, destroyer.  It needs to be understood.  Brahma ji gives birth, Lord Vishnu obeys, Lord Shiva erases.  Destruction is also a part of creation.  If things don't disappear, how will new ones appear?  Even death is a part of birth.

  If old things do not disappear, then there will be no innovation in nature?  Due to the nature of disappearance, everything starts looking new again.  Shiva destroys only for creation.  In Shravan Mass, offer water to Shivaji, anoint him with milk.  May this Shravan give you faith and trust at the Lord's feet.

Congratulations to all of you on Shravan Mass.

Mother gives birth and Sadhguru gives life.  The mother gives birth to the person and Sadhguru gives birth to the personality.  Sadhguru is like those Lord Bhuvan Bhaskar, with whose coming all the blackness of life is erased and the light of truth spreads in life.

The superiority of life, the divinity of life can never be achieved without the guidance of the Guru.  Sadhguru Bhagavan's voice is like the chisel of a sculptor, with each and every blow of which even a stone is carved in the form of God.  Which purifies both our form and appearance and makes even perishable life a dignified life.

No knowledge is fruitful without Guru Kripa.  Only with the shelter of Guru Charans is it possible to make disciples like Arjuna and Eklavya.

Today is this holy day of Guru Purnima to express gratitude to the same Sadhguru Dev Bhagwan.

    Only in the end
   Kimtra Bahunokten Shastrakoti Shaten Ch.
Rare Mind Rest: Without Guru's Grace Param.

  What will happen if you say too much?  What will happen with the study of millions of scriptures?  Because it is rare to find peace of mind without a guru.  The ultimate grace of the Guru is the root of life upliftment and life welfare.

It is not wise to evaluate one's success by external means.  Here collectors are often seen crying and distributors laughing.

  In the absence of inner understanding, a rich person can be as miserable as a poor person and thanks to inner understanding, a poor person can be as happy as a rich person.

  The measure of happiness and sorrow is our inner happiness.  What matters is not how much the person received but how much satisfaction he experienced.

There are many people today who are troubled not because of money but because of mind.  In the absence of right thinking life becomes a burden.  From satsanga, from Bhagavad-gita, from the guru, from the conscience itself, inner understanding arises.


   Do service to all but do not expect from anyone because only God can give the real value of service and not human beings.  If any service has been done by expecting from the world, then one day it will definitely become a cause of despair.  So it is good to be served without expectation.

If the value of service is paid by this world, then understanding cannot be that service.  Service is a small commodity that can be bought and sold.  Service is a means of earning virtue, not fame.

   Being respected in the eyes of the world is not a big deal.  It is a great thing to be honored in the eyes of Govind.  What could be a greater and better result of the dedication of Sudama's life, let the world run for the Thakur for whom it runs.  From the hands of the Lord one day or another the fruit of service will surely be obtained.

It takes 5 minutes for 5 cuckoos to lay 5 eggs
So ... 500 cuckoos lay many eggs in 500 minutes.

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