online training letter from Disaster Management Institute


online training letter from Disaster Management Institute

ડિઝાસ્ટર મેનેજમેન્ટ સંસ્થા ધ્વારા ઓનલાઈન તાલીમ બાબત લેટર માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Within a man, one or another thought and one or the other keeps going.  If you have to think and accompany, then why not do the best.  There are many people in the world who keep spoiling both their mind and time by thinking and associating without any purpose.

  Positive energy is transmitted through good thinking and company.  The world is full of many people whose past lives were full of evil tendencies but in time they not only saved themselves with the right company and the right environment but they also became a source of inspiration for millions of people.

  If the right guidance is given at the right time and by the right person, the result will be better.  Good instincts are born in a good environment.  Don’t be helpless if circumstances are overwhelming you.  Make Sad Sahitya your companion and reach the peak from zero by turning your thoughts into determination.

If someone says that he has never done anything wrong in his life, it means that he has not done anything strange in his life.  It is not a bad thing to make a mistake, it is a bad thing to make a mistake again and again.  No mistake you can make twice, if you repeat the mistake then this mistake is not your wish.
  Achievement and criticism are both sisters.  If the achievements increase then surely your criticism will also increase.  It is not important whether people condemn or praise, the important thing is whether the responsibilities have been fulfilled honestly or not.

One more thing!  Courage is the name given to doing what one is afraid to do.  Man is created by his faith, becomes as he believes.  Trust yourself.  Forget what people will say.  Create your ideas without caring about people so that everyone can say "I agree with you"


When the world stopped in lockdown, this teacher prepared 20,000 saplings in empty milk bags on the school campus.

Harshadbhai, who is busy educating the children in the school from 11 to 5 in the morning and growing seedlings during the day, spoke to him during the school recess.

Harshadbhai and his wife Smitaben are teachers in Shri PJ Seth Uttar Buniyadi Vidyalaya, Ori, Rajkot District.  Both their children live on the school campus with Shlok and Kavya and consider the school as their home.  The teacher couple and two children were at school when the whole world was locked up because of Corona, the children stopped coming to school and other teachers also stopped coming.  The school has 7 bighas of land, including two large gardens.  Whenever there is a problem of light in this hinterland, the children are taught by sitting in this garden.  So Harshadbhai had the seeds of various trees and plants of this garden.

On the one hand, the world stopped, business and employment stopped, when Harshadbhai came up with the idea of ​​re-creation.  There are a total of 300 children in their school.  Usually children distribute chocolates to everyone on their birthdays

  New teacher replacement rules will come soon in which the resolution of 50% separation with 100% district change will be implemented only after a thorough study of one line by the teacher society with 60% priority to husband and wife as well as beneficial rules for all teachers.

  Provides very fast programs for the implementation of the old pension scheme in place of the new pension scheme

  The ten year bond will soon have a positive improvement as well as the salary and arrears regularity, online higher grades, HCPS ACCOUNT & LTC as well as all the questions of HTAT will be resolved very quickly.

  Whether it is a difficult question of consecutive jobs or school time, this matter is resolved under the care of the teacher society. After counting consecutive jobs, all recruitments in 2010 and beyond do not lose even a single rupee. Care is also taken by the society.  Teachers' interests are protected

  Teacher society never publishes one's work in one's own name as it believes in making one's own line bigger than the other's line and that is why the primary teacher is very strong and the president himself is the primary teacher. The president of another union is a high school teacher.  And in that no question has been solved yet and the questions of Yash Primary teachers are solved

  If a society is strong, then why break it, the policy of the British is being used, if we don't wake up now, the result will be very bad

  There is and will be a lot of rhetoric and various pressures on teachers to break up the teacher society but no teacher needs to be scared as the teacher society is always with you so be fearless be neutral the rest of the teacher society is with you and will be

  Each representative, each member reaches out to one teacher and solves questions


  All the questions of the teachers of their talukas were presented by the presidents of ten talukas and the teachers should not face any hindrance and every executive member should make continuous efforts for them and all the work done by the teacher society should reach every teacher.  The formation of the cell was called for and this beautiful idea will be implemented soon with the assurance given by the President of the State

   online training letter from Disaster Management Institute

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