CM ભુપેન્દ્ર પટેલનો મોટો નિર્ણય આવકના દાખલા બાબતે જુઓ આ સમાચાર

Shri Krishna is a Jagadguru because every action of his teaches man something or the other, provides some inspiration.

The birth of Lord Krishna teaches a man something, then his visit to the supreme abode also teaches a man something.  His childhood is full of learning, so his youth is also full of many lessons.

There is no learning in the truth of Shri Krishna only, but when he takes shelter of untruth, then one's interest and some essence is hidden in him too.

️Shri Krishna teaches something by his calm nature, while a lot is also taught by his cruel nature.  If Shri Krishna teaches something by fighting a war, he also provides a great lesson in running away by showing his back in the war.

Every action, every action and every stage of life of Lord Shri Krishna is full of learning and teaching for human life.  Whatever Shri Krishna does, his work becomes an inspiration for the society, in this sense also Shri Krishna as Jagadguru is ideally revered and revered among all of us.

Jai Shikshak .. ... Jai Chanakya

       Hello teacher friends, it is a good thing that many of yesterday's friends are discussing any topic by texting in whatsapp group and bringing out their inner strengths. Friends, but what did we think about the future loss in our discussion?  Will it benefit the teaching community?  It should be noted that some friends were only promoting the academic union in the discussion. I was embarrassed and pressured to accept my offer to become a member of the National Education Union only two days ago but after that some questions arose in my mind whether  Done right?  Will the educational union give the primary cadre a chance to lead in the state in future as it includes all cadres related to education? I don't know how much place the primary teacher will have in it?  Will the question of primary teachers be taken into consideration when questions of secondary and higher secondary come along with primary in future?  Is it right to make Janeta an aunt?  Will there be democratic representation in the education union like in the primary teachers union?  A case is pending in the court regarding the recognition of the educational association. If the recognition is revoked, my haste to become a member will not be in vain.  Yes, certain primary teachers 'union has not been working properly for the last few years but some friends said that the organization should not be opposed but it can be improved by opposing the leaders of the organization. This is the same primary teachers' union whose leader Dilipsinh Gohil  If you remember, friends should change the leaders before changing the organization ........ There are only leaders in the educational union today who could not become leaders in the primary teachers union in the past due to democracy .. and new friends with their powerful propaganda and costly questions  How to use it for the benefit of the organization draws attention to itself without thinking about the future.  If you really want to work, will you make a vow not to make anyone a member without giving the new grade pay separately to the friends of 6th to 8th class?  It's not going to work, but it's just a matter of writing on the letter pad to attract ...... Friends Gujarati at the beginning after Sura ...... New bride looks good for nine days but the people attracted by it are not hated ......  ..And write whatever you want to write to your friends when you fully understand, but first answer my questions ... and yes, if it seems true without asking my identity, then think, there is no restriction on you, you can leave Janeta and make her mother.


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