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There is no dearth of wisdom in the world today, but there is a great lack of purification.  To become a Buddha, not intellect is needed for purification.  The intellect is less engaged in creation and more in destruction.  It takes more to break away, less to add intellect.  Life doesn't tire anyone, intellect tires you out.

Some intelligent people in the world are engaged only in doing mimamsa.  They spend their life in cursing the darkness.  If only !  He would have thought of lighting a lamp for a moment.  Some intelligent are not moving, some have moved in the wrong direction.

️ How to purify this intellect?  The purification of the intellect is possible only with the help of satsang.  You have no shortage of energy but lack of consciousness.  Be active but also be thoughtful.  So that the world is favored and the world is indebted to you.


️ Param Bhagwatkar Sridhar Swami ji has said a wonderful thing while commenting on Bhagwat ji.  It is not possible that everyone should become our friends in the world, but no one should become our enemy, this effort can be made.

Words of praise for everyone should not come out of our mouth, but no one should be condemned from our mouth.  That can be done.  You cannot feed someone by taking out bread from your plate, so don't be the one to snatch someone's morsel.

️ If we do not become virtuous, then there is no sin, then definitely try this.  If you cannot speak the truth, then take a pledge not to speak untruth.  The first condition for receiving God's grace is to become jaapyukt from a sin-free life.  Only one who walks on the path of Vasudeva can realize the truth.

Education is not a cure for fever and cold that will pass today and tomorrow. This is an ongoing process. In earlier times 6 monthly and 12 monthly exams were taken. There was enthusiasm among the children for taking exams.  After passing the exam, the results were definite.
Today in class 30, to take unit test every month ... according to the student ... according to the study conclusion ... to point out one mistake ... to get the signature of the guardian .... to do remedial ..... to take re-test ....  Checking again ... A teacher thinks that if he is barely finishing this much, then next month again the test of two other subjects will be ready again ... The work to be done in a year is done in a month. Now the textbook is still standing in all these.  That's it !!!
It is really a matter of thinking that the poor teacher really wants to teach the child what he really wants to teach. He can never teach independently.

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