Gujarat Police Constable Exam Paper Download Karo useful for all


Gujarat Police Constable Exam Paper Download Karo useful for all


If someone is the most powerful in the world, then it is willpower.  You can get everything in the world through this.  If you want, you will find the way automatically.  Everything you get becomes an obsession for you.

  Swami Vivekananda used to say that to move forward, to become great, to be successful, to have a desire to do something different.  All the resources of the world are made for human beings only.  You have put both your hands on your eyes and are shouting that it is dark.

  ️ Separate your hands, see there is light all around.  The weak get nothing.  The adventurer gets everything.  Come out of the darkness of cowardice and dream of moving forward, live it.  you will get everything


If you want to set your mind in life, then you should put it in GOD.  Otherwise you will live incomplete and incomplete and remain incomplete.  It is not that man cannot live to the fullest.  can live, but that perfection will be attained only by the company of God.

Being with God the impossible becomes possible and by not being with God the possible becomes impossible.  Arjun was alone, so it was becoming difficult for him to even stand in the war.  When I felt the feeling of being with Shri Krishna, I won the entire field.

Being with you does not mean merely roting Ram-Ram or going to the temple for 24 hours.  The whole world is doing this.  Although it is also not easy and simple.  Still, with the chanting of Ram Ram, sit with a firm belief in the heart that Shri Hari is my own only in the world.  Make a charioteer like Arjuna, you will automatically take Krishna to the destination.

Fainting in the bathroom ...

We always hear of many cases where people get dizzy from bathing and then have a stroke.  We haven't heard of falling anywhere else ...?

A professor at the National Sports Council, who attended a healthy lifestyle course, advised that no one should wash their hair before taking a bath, and that they should clean other parts of the body first.

The scientific reason for this is that when the head is wet and cold, blood flows to the head to warm it up.  So pouring hot water on the head constricts the blood vessels and they are more likely to rupture.

This usually happens in the bathroom, so to prevent this from happening everyone needs to raise awareness and also improve our bathing method.

While bathing, start wetting the body in the order given below.

1. The soles of the feet,
  2. feet,
  3. thigh
  4. stomach,
  5. shoulder,
  6. Wait for 5-10 seconds ...
  શે We feel like steam / wind is bursting from our body, and then we take a bath as usual.

  What happens when we empty a glass filled with hot water and immediately fill it with cold water ...?
The glass will explode, right ... !!!

In our body ...
Body temperature is high, and water is very cold.  If we bathe the body or the head directly with cold water, the same process takes place in our body.

This is why we often see people suddenly falling in the bathroom.
Because of the wrong method of bathing us
Stroke can occur due to rupture of blood vessels
Migraines can occur.
Blood pressure may rise
  Dizziness may occur

This bathing method is suitable for people of all ages, especially for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and migraines / headaches.

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Gujarat Police Constable Exam Paper Download Karo useful for all

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