Employment And Training Department Online Registration useful for all


Employment And Training Department Online Registration useful for all

અનુબંધમ ગુજરાત રોજગાર પોર્ટલ પર કેવી રીતે રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરવુ તે જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Employment And Training Department Online Registration useful for all

Lord Shri Krishna not only knows how to play the Vanshi but also knows how to play the conch shell.  Vanshi Jahan is a symbol of inner bliss, a symbol of stable life, a symbol of calm and happy life.  On the other hand, conch shell is a challenge, a cry and a rebellion against injustice, tyranny and unrighteousness.

Lord Shri Krishna played only Vanshi in the beginning of his life, but after that he spent most of his life playing conch shell.  It simply means that patience and tolerance have their own special importance in life.

But if our silence, our patience and our tolerance are also giving shelter to unrighteousness, then it becomes very harmful and painful for ourselves as well as for the entire human race.

The whisper of Lord Krishna indicates silence and the conch shell indicates rebellion.  Rebellion with superstition, rebellion with frustrated traditions, rebellion against the tyrants, rebellion against the unjust and selfish state.

️ Be sure to play the flute of your own happiness, but if needed, generate the courage to blow conch shells to protect your religion.

If only the flute was rang, then only Shri Krishna and the people around him would have been happy, but if the conch shell was sounded, along with protecting the religion, the door of happiness of all the world and beings could be opened.


Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati's Lal Shri Ganesh ji is accepted as the foremost among all the gods.  The form of Ganesh ji is very unique and full of many lessons.
The head of an elephant is seated on Lord Ganesha.  An elephant always sees the object in front of it as twice as big as its actual appearance.  That is, Ganesh ji Maharaj also sees the person in front of him only by doubling.  That is, everyone looks at them with great respect.
The big ears of Lord Ganesha indicate to us that always listen to the big or the best.  Don't waste your precious time in unnecessary arguments.
Lord Ganesha is also known as Lambodar.  That is, learn to keep or digest all the good - bad, sour - sweet and favorable - unfavorable things or all experiences of life in your stomach!

️ Despite having a heavy body, Ganesha rides a mouse (mouse).  That is, no matter how high you rise in life, but your feet should always be on the ground.  Make your life light and humble.
The art of giving respect to others, the art of always contemplating and contemplating high thoughts, adaptability - adversity The art of keeping an eye in all situations and the art of keeping oneself humble and courteous makes a man the foremost, that's what Ganesh ji  This is the message of the form of Maharaj.

First of all, today the sword of monitoring in the education department is hung away. Because of this, the teachers went to school before education in education, instead of how much test do I have to check? Which journalists are left? Who will visit the school today? Like things are stuck in. If the teachers of the primary schools are made in psychological surveys, all the teachers of the state are experiencing psychological stress. The first was not, constructive evaluation, was not SI, was not a unit test, there was not a lot of teachers, if there was not a lot of teachers, what is not educated??

At present when direct education is started in Std. 6th to 8th in the state of Gujarat, some teachers from 6th to 8th are engaged in administrative work in taluka education officer, pay center school or other place instead of teaching work which is totally RTE.  Is a violation of Section 27 of the IPC.  However, even those with standard 1 to 5 should not do the same.  A little trouble can help, not at the expense of teaching work.  According to the setup, the teacher is paid from the job to do teaching work and not to do non-academic work.  Salary for such operations may also be recovered.  My Gujarat teacher should not be doing anything other than quality education of students.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  13 is the date to explain to the teacher.  If you do not understand.  On the 14th we have the Education Officer of the concerned taluka and Ta.  15 should be reported to the District Education Officer.  However, if nothing happens, there is an RTE violation.
If we don't explain to our family first by letting us teach, then other officials will understand.  Please let us know what you think.

Employment And Training Department Online Registration useful for all

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