Gandhi jayanti photo frame mobile application download useful for all



Gandhi jayanti photo frame mobile application download useful for all


આજે ગાંધી જયંતિની  શુભકામના પાઠવવા તમારા નામ વાળુ કાર્ડ બનાવવા સૌથી સરળ અને બેસ્ટ એપ

Gandhi jayanti photo frame mobile application download useful for all

Respect in recent.  A letter has been sent by the Director to keep the school hours as per the routine from 1/9/2021 and it has instructed the DPEO to keep the school hours as per Rte-2009.
Friends, from this letter, school hours have been made 8 hours in 7 districts of Gujarat.  Gradually there are 8 hours of letters every day in 2 to 3 districts which will probably spread the infection throughout the state.
Friends, you will all remember that in the year 2012, the school time was made 8 hours, then with the introduction of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union, the time was again made 6 hours.
But the reason for doing 8 hours again this time seems to be the boycott of the recent survey.
Friends, Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union always thinks that it is in the interest of the teachers and the fight is organized accordingly.
You are all aware of the fact that countless questions have been solved under the auspices of this Matru Sangh over the years.
But this time the ground teachers themselves stood apart and our unity seemed to be in jeopardy as a result of which the government took such 8 hour time decisions quickly.

There are still many such challenges, and we must face them.
Whenever there is a call for a state union, show teacher unity and then we will exist. Otherwise, there are about 350 congregations in the state. The government does not even listen to anyone.  Takes and the solution of the questions is made possible by the union.
But now we are also divided, due to which the future will be bad, so a humble appeal to all teachers that it is the moral duty of all teacher friends to see that the unity of our Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union (Matru Sangh) does not feel salty.
The 8-hour space of school has been introduced by the State Union for 6 hours as before and the Union has arranged a meeting with the Government in 2-3 days and will do what is necessary if all the teacher brothers /  To inform the sisters ............

What is the role of a skilled guide and an accomplished friend in life, it should be seen in the life of Lord Shri Krishna.

How did that Krishna handle his best friend Arjuna and took him to the level of an ideal Kshatriya.  This was the reason why Arjuna also asked for the leadership of only one Shri Krishna instead of thousands of soldiers when the war of Mahabharata became inevitable.

️ When your friend gets confused in some great sadness, utter despair, then what should be our duty towards that friend, so that he does not turn away from his duty path and becomes a laughing stock, this is an important part of the life of Shri Krishna.  And the best character.

️ To rescue your refugees from sadness and reach them to Prasad, then one should learn from those refugee Vatsal Shri Krishna.  Krishna not only knows how to make friends, but also knows how to maintain friendship in every situation, whether it is with Arjuna, Uddhava or Vipra Sudama.  To be Krishna is to always work happily in the pure spirit, in the pure motives without expecting any respect.

Gandhi jayanti photo frame mobile application download useful for all

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