shikshan sagar mobile application download useful for all schools


shikshan sagar mobile application download useful for all schools


પ્રાથમિક શાળા માટે સૌથી સરસ એપ્લિકેશન  ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Truth is our mother, knowledge is our father, religion is our brother, kindness is our friend, peace is our wife, forgiveness is our son, and these six are our true benefactors and friends.  Truth, knowledge, religion, kindness, peace and forgiveness are the six virtues of a person's true benefactors and brothers.  Who needs any other relationship that makes them virtuous in their lives?

  If there is truth in life, then Vatsalya and protector like mother will get us everywhere.  If there is knowledge in life, then he will give us the ability to face the biggest challenge by giving us self-confidence and appropriate advice everywhere like father.  If there is religion in life, then he will stand like a brother in every crisis and will never let us fall.  If there is pity in life, then she will become our helper everywhere like a true friend and will protect us from cruel and vile actions.

   If peace in life is in your nature, then you will get universal service and respect like a wife and who respects everything about you, and if forgiveness is in your life, then people who are obedient and obedient to you, will also give you everywhere.  Will meet

      Respectfully yours, my co-family at your feet.  The time of the Mars Aarti of the temples passed, and the auspicious element in the inner-outer nature became monotonous.  Today is the full moon of the great month, and the sixteen arts of the moon have blossomed.  The light of the celestial moon increases the distance.  Since it is a Saturday, the melody of Sundarkandi lessons can also be heard somewhere.  If one wants to make life beautiful, one can be beautiful even if one of these elements of truthfulness is caught.  Good habits or the practice of truth like the moon of Purnima which enhances sixteen arts in the life of that person.  We talked about that in detail yesterday.  Practicing truth or good habits increase strength as well as adventure in life.  If at any age the truth has not been practiced, the spirit of adventure is evident in them, we will reflect on the word adventure today.

       In the simplest sense of the word, adventure is an activity or action that ordinary people do not do.  The word adventure reminds us of childhood, in which we stumble, climb to the top of a tree, jump into the sand dunes from the second floor, swim in the rushing river, or dive into the ocean, from a height into the water.  Jumping, and running, climbing a hill, taking a hard path despite the steps, descending in such a way. Walking far and wide alone to enjoy nature in an unknown place, or cycling for a long distance, all these are the adventures of age.  As everyone must have done.  But does the practice of truth exacerbate this kind of adventure?  Such a question arises, because not everyone can do such adventures every time the body condition increases.

      Sometimes speaking the truth is also a kind of adventure. Yes every time everyone accepts the truth according to their level of intellect and this leads to meaninglessness and even controversy but to boldly present one's truth to others is also a kind of adventure.  Is.  And that's why there's a saying, "Don't call a hole a hole," meaning that not everyone has the adventurous instinct to show people their flaws.  Nowadays, even little boys cannot be shown their mistake. In addition, apologizing by admitting one's mistake in public also shows an adventurous instinct, and forgiving others also shows an adventurous instinct.  The act of contemplation points to social harm by being impartial on a daily basis.  As today's Indian society becomes self-centered, and runs after its own comforts, comforts and conveniences, it also misses any of its duties towards others, and becomes crippled as it becomes monotonous with such adventurous activities.  Just as a person has his own mindset, so does society have a mindset, according to which Indian society still considers woman to be weak and vulnerable.  If a woman succeeds in some field, the society will do something to defeat her, and spread rumors about her character.  All of this is a sign of cowardice that looks as clear as a mirror.  So Satyacharan cultivates the instinct of all such ventures, that no matter what anyone says, I will continue to do this work.  Both men and women can do a lot of good deeds from Satyacharan, and if we look at a little bit of history, our country became free when both men and women made equal contribution in the movement to liberate the country.

       To venture means to reach a certain goal and to make a resolve to reach it, that is how we can take it.  A few years ago, India had no place in space, and today Indian scientists have achieved a lot.  In the past, empty poets used to talk about breaking the stars in the sky, and today, in real space, we have reached Mars, so all this is done through the practice of truth, which is the result of that person's adventurous instinct, and we  Mission Mangal saw from the film how enthusiastically the scientists made the expedition a success.  It is also an example of an adventurous instinct that our journalist friends work to bring the truth to the public by resolving the truth, and thus we become acquainted with the good and bad characters of the fairies in politics, the political leaders or the dignitaries of the society.  Looking.  It was the hand of every countryman at that time to liberate India from British slavery, but in the end, the determination of people like Gandhi, Sardar, Nehru, and Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh, to "liberate the country" was the result.  But nowadays there are very few such leaders and such social leaders, and the practice of truth in their lives is not far off.  That is, it does not have weight, nor does it have any result of its work or activity.  The practice of truth has declined, and controversies in the name of truth alone are taking place in today's society, which is the main cause of our social collapse.  If we want all-round development of the society, that is, the moon of sixteen arts not only illuminates the sky, but at the same time fills us with mental happiness.  We should be happy to see the development of society in such a way that if we want to develop in a way that makes us happy, then everyone should live life with emphasis on righteousness, give up trying to influence others, and live in a way that illuminates our lives and the lives of others.  If we compare the culture of the West with the light, no matter how dazzling the light is, it is artificial, it is necessary for everyone to understand that truth.  Eastern culture has always been on the sun, and the sun is the eternal truth.  So the one who has this truth in his life will have truthfulness in his life, and in that way he will also have an adventurous instinct in his life, which will bring results to someone in some way.  Looking at the way life has gone so far, it seems that there is almost no maturity of age, only the experience of childishness.  So let's start a new life from here, with only the courage to do something for others other than me, and the willingness to accept the truth of any bitter reality of one's life, the ability to apologize, the generosity to forgive.  , And all this we can do with all honesty, a unique prayer to God, I pause my words here today.  See you again with new thoughts, my dear Vandan and Jai Siyaram.

shikshan sagar mobile application download useful for all schools

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