The first examination of children of Std. 6 to 8 will start from Monday


 The first examination of children of Std. 6 to 8 will start from Monday



The first examination of children of Std. 6 to 8 will start from Monday.  Children of 8 and standard.  Question papers will be sent to the children of 4th to 5th standard in all the primary schools of the state.  It is worth mentioning here that the first test of children from 6 to 8, classes of Std. 6 to 8 will start from Monday.  The department had made preparations for the first test of primary school children to start before March 15, but Corona will continue.  At present, in the case of children from Std. 6 to 8, there is a resurgence of classes. As physical classes are running, there is no consent, according to the sources of the education department.  Online education will be taken in school.  The test of what the children have learned while coming to school will be taken from the standard 9 of the parents who do not give consent.  Based on this result, remedial education will be imparted in schools to remove the waste in children.  Similar tests in Gujarati, Mathematics, Science, Social Science (Environment) will have to be implemented in the diagnostic test.  The school will be able to test the remaining subjects voluntarily.  Soft copy of question paper will be delivered to each district.  od hy him at Sandesh Bhavan Tad Society Road.

If a person changes his inner vision, then everything will look good and beautiful on the outside.  We start to see everywhere as we ourselves are.  It is as simple as the eyeglasses on the eyes will appear.

Many people in the world only see evils, faults, filth and wrong things.  All this is due to their wrong fanatic belief, even if Shri Krishna himself appears in front of them, he will be seen as the first one among them.

There are many good, gentlemen, good men and great people in the world.  Many people on earth have become like pilgrimages while thinking of God.  If we start seeing qualities in everyone instead of defect philosophy, then our own development will happen, and the world will also look beautiful.


I Tarivavadi.  Pvt.  School color is vacant 11 12 ts - m_ 21 February Rathod Maheshkumar Natubhai Dhree Vicky Matrubhasha Divara "Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat"  We are living in Khol, we are living, we are living, and we are more fortunate on the Peppy side because our mother tongue Gujarat, Mr. Umashank) Joshi has said that Sada Samya Shi Vaibhav Bharpati Bapamar Ravya Veer Ma Contemare Play Shadbha; ne Ke Tu143,  Found, Matrubhane Sane Gujarati. By defining the mother tongue, it can be said that the mother tongue, the language of the human beings living in the same place in the shadow of the motherland, the mother tongue, the mother tongue is the language I got from the throat.  The man who gives lifelong nourishment / milk to my life and matrubhasha vimaj bj 5i dhi mile 'Gandhiji / matrubhasha means breastfeeding, mother's milk has immunity.  Khar is the one who gives mental as well as emotional confirmation to man.  Kurrapati language is our Dhama, Bol Maa, Matrubh NI Matrubhasha means the known measure that can be recognized - Koliyan_ In a battle, the bite of a poisonous snake can also kill the poison of Nolia.  In the same way, the agir language born in the mother tongue life.  The one who removes is Sanjeev.  Don't forget to worship Umra even if you understand the importance of mother tongue which is the mother tongue. In November 1911, UNESCO decided to celebrate Mother Tongue Day in every country from February 21, 2000 onwards.  The main purpose behind which is to equalize, give and cultivate the diversity of Maya and culture.  , To bring the language heritage alive.  Let us.  By burning the mother tongue, Mamta, I am TWIT Maroy ૩itp Garopam

The first examination of children of Std. 6 to 8 will start from Monday

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